ART 0005


Inspired by the earth, landscape, architecture and lifestyle.

Art 0005 has a natural, warm, cosy, comfortable, contemporary, rustic and elegant look. only recently expanded from being a furniture

brand to becoming a lifestyle label. The label adopts the

concept of blending together design, function, materials and

colors in order to create a space of harmonious living.

The new Art 0005 sofa visually appears to have a similar

look and smooth exterior of an old baseball glove.


Inspiration of model come from the natural beauty when

designing the curvaceous sofa. Warm colors of the

brown soil surrounding the olive trees. The back of

the sofa, as well as the sides, are rounded out

in order to exude the idea of a cocoon.


 The wrapping shape maximizes comfort,

while the colored exterior of red-brown

leather and saddle stitch details give

off a tailored comfort.