ART 0004


Groundbreaking living space interior design due to a seating system exhibiting a wide

range if element, having various characteristics, a strong aesthetic authenticity, exquisite

as well as unsurpassed comfort.

Art 0004 elements feature smooth, enwrapping

lines and extra-soft cushions feeling like a tender

beloved embracement, arousing a pure relaxation

feeling. Art 0004 integrates in itself soothing

design elements and particularly sophisticated

construction details steeped in tradition which is able

to arouse classical modern superiority.


Art 0004 long elements convey a different identity

including their more defined shapes and one-piece

seats enhanced with top-stitching that highlights their

graphic nature and modern spirit.



A seating system represents its

split personality particularly

tender, welcoming core identity

inspiring for absolute relaxation

along with a spirited alter-ego

which manifests much more

dynamic and modern mindset.